What Suits Contact Centers Best – Live Agent Or Bot? 

With emerging technologies, contact centers from all parts of the world have starting involving bots more and more in their everyday work cycle. Bots are faster and less error-prone, making them a more dependable option. However, on the other hand, bots function on the basis of pre-set instructions and will fail to resolve any new issue that hasn’t been listed in their database.

So what should contact centers do? The Economist has predicted that robots will soon replace contact centers. With advanced AI that might become a possibility in future, but as of now, live agents have that special human touch that cannot be replicated by robots.

The call centers are getting smarter by the day with new concepts that make the call experience better. A recent survey shows that companies tend to lose 15% of their customer base every year due to bad customer experience. The challenge lies in using bots and live agents at the right places.

This is where concepts such as CallSpace come into the picture. CallSpace bot is a newly-patented technology that offers customers complete call satisfaction. As per Michael Schneider’s blog, “The right balance of “bot” and “human” is going to be different for each company, and it depends greatly on the quality of the bot — and, of course, the quality of their human customer service reps.”  CallSpace is a bot that lets contact centers personalize the inbound calls with customized branding and advertisement messages.

Every single caller gets to hear what he / she would like to. With the help of customer loyalty database and other available databases, the caller is quickly identified and the preferences are analyzed. On the basis of the findings, CallSpace bot selects the right audio and text messages to keep the caller engaged during the hold period.

From discount coupons to special offers, the advertisement content is designed to meet the requirement of the caller. This ensures happy calling experience for the customers even before he / she actually speaks with a live agent.

Bots such as CallSpace and a team of well-trained agents is the best way to go for modern customer service industry.

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