Callspace Bot – A New Innovation That The Customer Service Industry Desperately Needed

Irrespective of the field, optimized caller experience is everything for all contact centers. The primary target of call centers is to boost customer experience by providing top-class support.

From latest technological up gradations to having the best team of agents, the centers try everything in their hand. However, a notable probability of ball caller experience still remains. Amber Tiffany rightly said, “When you consider that calls convert at 10 times the rate of clicks, you realize there’s an enormous opportunity to increase revenue by just improving the caller experience.”

Having identified the concerns associated with high call volumes, call centers have started using bots to keep the callers engaged till a live agent is free to take the call.

These bots use the hold period to greet the caller and offer some preset messages. As per a recent survey, 7 out of every 10 Americans feel that the generic messaging and the boring greeting keep them away from contacting call centers.

CallSpace bot is a new addition to the customer service market and is set to transform the entire industry with its newly patented technology. This unique concept lets you greet your customer as per your understanding about his / her preference. Guess what? Every single caller is tracked, analyzed, and mapped to a customized stream of content differently to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and engagement.

From the introductory greeting to advertisement messages to branding content, everything is selected on the basis of the caller’s preference. This new technology gives customers more than what they can expect without pinching the company financially. With CallSpace, brands can now add more value to every single inbound call and get paid for that too.

Monetizing inbound calls have a wide range of benefits that no call center of the modern era can afford to miss. From opening a secondary source of revenue to adding value to every single call, this unique offering of CallSpace is set to redefine the world of customer service.



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